A group of young college boys and girls requested our Chief coordinator Mrs. Philo D’Souza to teach them spoken English in the year 2002.It was our first batch of 8 students. The successful journey of our institute started since then.

We were pioneers in Spoken English activity in Raigad and Ratnagiri districts. Thousands of employees, teachers’ businessmen, housewives, college and school students were trained by the institute.

Raigad district is a chemical zone. There are hundreds of chemical and engineering companies located in Roha, Mahad, Patalganga, and Khed talukas. Our institute had a pleasure of training employees in communication skills and personality development in some of the well known companies. Our highly trained staff, very effectively contributed to the need raised by the H.R departments of these companies.

Many educational institutes like engineering colleges, management institutes and schools find a need to train their staff in handling English language. Our institute worked hard with the staff to meet the requirements. In some of the school and colleges, we trained the teachers and lecturers throughout the year.

CSR activity

Our country’s main political parties have identified the requirement of developing soft skills in our youth, especially from rural India. These skills can help them get self employment or seek jobs in multinational companies. Our institute is selected to train soft skills as a CSR activity carried out by some large companies. Our institute trained 700 youth in two years as a part of CSR activity of JSW Energy ( Ratnagiri) Ltd ,in year 2009 to 2011.

Our other innovative programmes

Apart from communication skills and personality development programme,our institute also has a day seminars on ‘Effective teaching methods’ , transactional analysis, Johari window, Report writing and business letters, Stress management, Body language and custom made training as per the company’s requirement.

Some of our corporate clients.

  • Excel Industries Ltd. (Roha).
  • Gharda Chemical Ltd. (Lote).
  • Excel Industries ltd. (Lote).
  • Sunshield chemicals ltd. (Pali).
  • Pepsi co holding Ltd. (Roha).
  • Jsw Energy Ratnagiri ltd. (Jaigad).
  • Rathi English school, (Roha).
  • Bhartiya education society. (Nagothane).
  • Madhyamik college jaigad. (Dist:Ratnagiri).
  • Deepak nitrite Ltd. (Dhatav).
  • Anshul Specialty chemicals Ltd. (Dhatav).
  • Kores India Ltd. (Dhatav).
  • Nikam English Medum School. (Mangoan).